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Dorcas works with local churches and partner organisations in several countries in Africa, Eastern Europe and the Middle East:

We work in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We always have a focus on the most vulnerable people. We distinguish four different intervention areas in the way we work.


We believe that people who have suffered due to a disaster, crisis or war situation should be helped quickly and effectively with basic needs such as food, water and shelter. We support them so they can resume their normal way of life as quickly as possible.

Early recovery and resilient livelihoods

We believe in resilient communities in which people remain strong even in times of crisis or disaster. Together with stakeholders, we ensure basic facilities for the entire community. People are then able to be resilient both during and following a crisis. Working together we help to avoid further disasters or crises.

Enterprising people and communities

We believe that vulnerable people and communities have the potential to secure their own income and provide for themselves. We encourage people to deploy their talents and we help them develop these talents. We influence local and national governments so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in society.

Community-based care and protection

We believe in a society that cares for the most vulnerable in its midst, such as the elderly, those with disabilities and minority groups. Together we develop social safety nets so that people look after each other, accept each other and give each other the care and support they need.

Theory of change

The Dorcas theory of change describes and clarifies how Dorcas envisions the pathway of change from a situation of poverty and exclusion to a situation of transformed individuals and communities. This transformation requires simultaneous action at the three levels of individual, community and society. Read more about our theory of change.


For international transactions please use Dorcas' International Bank Account Number: NL04 RABO 0106 2500 00

How we work

Dorcas operates building the capacities of local partner organisations and funding their relief and development projects.

Our Programmes

Dorcas supports Relief, Early Recovery and Resilient Livelihoods, Enterprising people and Community Based Care and Protection.