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Ukrainian family finds new home after fleeing war torn hometown

War came close to the Ukrainian family of Lyudmyla. Armed fighters were stationed close to Lyudmyla’s home. Lyudmyla heard a gunshot just metres away. We didn’t know whether we would wake up the next day again’, Lyudmyla explains how the war impacted her family. Fear drove Lyudmyla and her husband away from their hometown. They were looking for a safe place to wait until the war would end. But it’s far from over.

The best option for Lyudmyla and her family was to move to the western part of Ukraine. They found a place in Uzjhorod but rebuilding a home in a new town wasn’t as easy as they hoped it would be. Because of the financial, practical and mental support they received, the family doesn’t feel alone anymore.

We offer relief to people who are affected by war and natural disasters, starting with basic necessities such as food, water, health care and shelter. The second phase is to help people to rebuild and rehabilitate. Whenever we can, we want to prepare communities to deal with disasters, such as floods, in advance, so that there is minimal damage.


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Dorcas operates building the capacities of local partner organisations and funding their relief and development projects.

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Dorcas supports Relief, Early Recovery and Resilient Livelihoods, Enterprising people and Community Based Care and Protection.