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Local leader from Mozambique is thankful for water project

Many people in the Nhamatanda district in Mozambique used to walk more than three kilometres to get water. The only source of water they had was contaminated and many people got sick, not knowing it was because of the water. Fetching water took so much time that that many people didn’t have time to work on their land.

Our water project in Nhamatanda brought change to the entire community. Everyone was involved and the construction work was done together with the community. Locals learned to fix water pumps and all construction materials were purchased from local suppliers. To make sure the project would be sustainable, committees were formed. These committees will continue to maintain the water wells after the project is finished. Pedro, the local community leader, is proud to see that the whole community is involved. District administrator Fanuel hopes that the project will be duplicated in other communities.

We have projects in several countries. We provide clean water access and proper sanitary services for those who need it most. Thousands of people have gained access to clean drinking water and they now understand the importance of good and clean sanitary services. Because of their knowledge their behaviour has changed.


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