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Prisoners in Tanzania are thankful for training

‘Because I’m learning a trade, I can start working when I’m released from jail’, Mwamba shares. He is one of hundreds of prisoners in Karanga taking part in the vocational training school. ‘I started the bakery training together with the others. None of us knew how to bake bread, but now we even get to teach others’.

The training prepares prisoners to pick up their lives after their release. Hassan took part in a hair dressing training and a business training. ‘I was a hair dresser before I ended up in jail. In the prison I learned to cut and shave better. I learned to put the skills I have to good use. I am ready to show people that I didn’t go to jail for nothing.’

With our projects we want to help people break out of social isolation. Prisoners and their families receive practical support and assistance in (social) reintegration. Marginalised families receive practical and social support. In many countries, the elderly often live in social isolation without proper support. Dorcas supports them  in social, pastoral and practical ways and aims to involve the community in taking care of those who are in need. This way our social care projects bring lasting change.


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How we work

Dorcas operates building the capacities of local partner organisations and funding their relief and development projects.

Our Programmes

Dorcas supports Relief, Early Recovery and Resilient Livelihoods, Enterprising people and Community Based Care and Protection.