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Abdia Has Hope for the Future Tuesday 14 March 2017

This is Abdia. She is living with her three sons and five daughters in Meleb, Ethiopia. Until two years ago, it was difficult for Abdia to take care of her family. ‘I never had the opportunity to get educated. I used to sell coal and wood but I didn’t have enough income to take care of my family. My children weren’t able to go to school, just as I hadn’t been able to.’

In 2015, Adbia joined one of our self-help groups where she learned how to grow vegetables. ‘After the training we were able to get started right away. We received seeds, a generator and a water tank to get started with growing our own vegetables. Within a year I had saved enough to send my children to school and feed them.’

Adbia’s life completely changed. Her children are in school and her family is doing well. She feels stronger physically because of the healthy food she eats. She is more confident and is hopeful about her future: ‘I would like to buy a goat or a cow so that we can produce milk and sell it.’


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