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A safe place for Syrian children Tuesday 9 August 2016

Thirteen year old Zeinab from Syria is living in a safe house in Greece, together with her father and sister. After they fled Syria, they ended up in a refugee camp where the conditions were bad. Zeinab and her little sister weren’t safe there. TheyZeinab-tekening were selected by local Dorcas employees to live in the safe house. Zeinab, her father and sister have been there for several weeks now.

The family shares an apartment with others but has privacy, which wasn’t the case at the refugee camp. ‘I get up at eight every morning and we start by cleaning our house and then we have breakfast. I have English class with the other children three times per week. It’s fun!” Zeinab is a quick learner and she enjoys interacting with the other children. On Saturdays, the children have kids club where they play games and enjoy themselves. Zeinab is very happy.

Zeinab and other children carry war traumas with them on their way to Europe. This recently established safe house offers children and adults an opportunity to process what they have gone through and gain new strength. There are forty five people in this project are they are supported by locals.


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